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Security analysts and system administrators monitor all sorts of logs and other security-related information, (firewall and IDS logs, network device, SIM, OS, application level, etc.). Adaptive Security Analyzer is security data analytics solution that employs expert system configuration capabilities, behavioral modeling and comparative analysis methodologies to detect, prioritize, and provide insight about security, compliance and policy violations.

The Adaptive Security Analyzer data analytics process model encompasses the following:
   Continuously monitors high volume, heterogeneous security-related data.
Interprets & associates event attributes freely and/or within the context of any rules within the analytic models to cluster and baseline system activity.
Compares data sets, identifies events that match explicitly defined criteria and recognizes and quantifies the extent of abnormal events.
Advises security personnel of the factors that contributed most to event classification.
Adapts its orientation of the relationships among event variables and event classification based on unsupervised machine-learning and/or user-applied knowledge.

Adaptive Security Analyzer considers data the way a human analyst would, leveraging both pre-defined and cognitive intelligence, but with far greater speed and capacity. Adaptive Security Analyzer identifies suspicious events and trends in core network and application-level activities such as logon/logoff attempts, Web server and application use, changes to Group Policies, file access and inbound/outbound firewall traffic, but can be applied to any data monitoring challenge where intelligence regarding atypical activity is of value such as fraud detection (credit card, click, etc.), performance management, defense or maritime surveillance, revenue or resource optimization, etc. Custom analysis can be easily configured to focus on almost any event class enabling Adaptive Security Analyzer implementations to be as dynamic as your changing requirements.

Because Adaptive Security Analyzer does not rely on pre-defined rules to derive unique and meaningful output, it delivers an important enhancement to conventional data collection, correlation and reporting applications. Adaptive Security Analyzer allows enterprise security administrators and those responsible for managing compliance to more effectively and proactively identify, understand and respond to known threats as well as suspicious atypical behavior or activity that is similar to known threats.

Adaptive Security Analyzer is implemented as a “snap-in” to the
Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and runs on Windows desktop and server operating systems. Supported log formats include syslog, W3C, csv, txt and other formatted data as well as those stored in MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases (under both Windows and UNIX platforms).

Privacyware works with global enterprises, managed service providers and independent software vendors to develop custom implementations of the Adaptive Security Analyzer and the Adaptive Security Engine. Privacyware analysts and engineers will collaborate on the design and development of custom analytic models geared to your unique data, environments and needs.

Adaptive Security Analyzer Implementation Model

Collect Raw Data

Model Analyst Expertise

Train Model/Establish Baseline

Classify Events/Generate Knowledge

Analyze Threats/ Teach Model: Identify-Measure-

Leverage Knowledge/Protect Environment

ASA enables you to: And realize meaningful benefits:
Model security specialist expertise. Accelerate threat response.
Baseline what is normal for the environment. Improve pre-emptive capabilities. 
Identify published threats. Expand resource capacity.
Identify activity matching pre-defined criteria. Maximize return on security and other IT assets.
Identify, Measure & Prioritize all anomalous events.  Eliminate information overload.
Generate root cause insight of threats. Reinforce Regulatory Compliance.
  Impart new knowledge back into the system. Improve productivity.

Versatile Enterprise Defense and Compliance Enhancement
Compatible with leading firewall, IDS/IPS, SIM, and other devices and applications supporting both common and many proprietary file exchange formats, Adaptive Security Analyzer complements existing enterprise defense investments. 

No Cognitive Barriers
Adaptive Security Analyzer can pinpoint, classify and prioritize suspicious behavior and/or prevent known and unknown system threats without cognitive constraints. While prior knowledge can be leveraged to guide or “orient” ASA, it is not dependent on this information and more importantly not limited by it in terms of the extent, manner, and complexity with which event attributes can be considered to identify potentially harmful and/or unauthorized system use.


Proactive Posture and Rapid Response
Adaptive Security Analyzer detects and quantifies all types of known and unknown attacks, threatening and unauthorized activity so security staff can prioritize preventative actions in a proactive and more time sensitive manner. The intelligence and functional attributes of security staff are infused in ASA, allowing you to leverage security information to observe unusual system activity and manage vulnerabilities, intrusions and potential policy violations like never before.

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