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Adaptive Security Engine (ASE), is a breakthrough security information analysis technology that sits at the core of Privacyware's Adaptive Security Solutions. ASE automates the analysis and origination of actionable intelligence from the voluminous logs and reports generated by the array of security solutions deployed across the enterprise. It overcomes the limitations of policy, signature and rules-based approaches and represents a major advancement in anomaly detection.

ASE is also available to security technology companies and solutions providers looking to enhance and differentiate their offerings in response to growing customer demand for intelligent, adaptive solutions that automate some of today's manual security administrative functions. ASE is being integrated into some of the industry's leading network monitoring, threat prevention, and security information management solutions.

ASE automatically sifts through and analyzes the high-volume output produced by network and security products to instantaneously identify the most serious risks, misuse and vulnerabilities that threaten the enterprise. The traditional time consuming, error prone and labor-intensive process assigned to system administrators can now be fully automated and reduced to minutes or less. This frees up security staff to focus on more highly valued and important tasks such as responding sooner to the most serious breaches and initiating the appropriate defensive and preventative actions.

ASE generates more accurate results and reduces the number of false alerts by doing a better job of distinguishing between threatening and non-threatening security events. As it formulates more precise event categorizations, ASE is simultaneously adapting its perspective of normal and suspicious events as it takes into account the dynamic nature of the environment it is monitoring.

The keys to achieving these performance advantages are in the data and processing models that underpin the Adaptive Security Engine:

  • Open and heterogeneous data model incorporates data from the wide array of currently available security technologies in unlimited combinations

  • Fuzzy clustering allows for continual processing of large volumes of multivariate structures

  • Kernel mode classifiers allow events to be automatically and precisely categorized

  • Unsupervised learning technology draws from accumulated experiences, knowledge and changes in the environment to drive self-adaptiveness

  • User interface fosters supervised learning derived from the know-how and experiences of expert administrators

To learn more about ASE technology, products, OEM and other licensing opportunities, or to schedule a demonstration, contact a Privacyware representative today. [email protected], 614-656-1956.




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