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Adaptive Security Analyzer

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.”
         Marcus Aurelius – Roman Emperor


Discover Critical Anomalies and Threats
Adaptive Security Analyzer combines conventional filtering and expert rule configuration capabilities with self-learning and neural algorithms to identify and provide insight about known and new threats hidden in user and system data. Whether your analysis requirements concern just a single firewall or thousands of devices and endpoints, Adaptive Security Analyzer empowers administrators and analysts challenged with monitoring and securing computing systems, certifying Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and other regulatory requirements and assuring the integrity of database or other critical infrastructures. Adaptive Security Analyzer’s neural core emulates the cognitive and self-learning process of a human analyst and can sift through massive volumes of logs to quickly reveal and prioritize the most critical events and advise users of the factors of highest influence to event classification.

Custom analysis can be performed using most standard data formats such as syslog, .csv, .txt and databases including MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle.
Adaptive Security Analyzer supports leading SIM/SIEM and other log collection and management solutions from vendors such as Cisco, LogLogic, netForensics, Sensage, and Quest Software and includes pre-built models designed specifically to analyze logs from Juniper, Cisco, Check Point and Microsoft ISA Server devices and applications.

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Our Customer's Say...
          “Adaptive Security Analyzer is representative of Privacyware’s strong competency in anomaly analysis methods,” said Lance Masten, InTrust product manager, Quest Software.  “Integrating these capabilities within InTrust provides our customers the ability to evaluate, trend and report on large volumes of system and security events, and helps them to address IT compliance objectives within Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other similar regulations.  Administrators can now be more proactive by trending user activity in their day-to-day security practices.”
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Address Critical Challenges
For security and compliance practitioners responsible for the review and analysis of security related information, ASA delivers an early warning capability to alert, assess and aid in the remediation of known and new security and compliance-related threats. ASA complements and enhances the effectiveness of related systems and personnel, helps overcome overwhelming information overload challenges, improves network security and systems management, and strengthens the ability to meet the analytic aspects of regulatory compliance demands.

Services and Solutions
Privacyware works with global enterprises, managed service providers and independent software vendors to develop custom implementations of the Adaptive Security Analyzer and the Adaptive Security Engine. Privacyware engineers collaborate on the design and development of analytic models specific to your unique data, environments and the types of activity of highest interest and value to you.

― Adaptive Security Analyzer can expand your Enterprise Security, Risk Management, Audit and Compliance capabilities - contact us today to learn how.

ISVs and MSPs
Adaptive Security Analyzer can help you achieve a new level of market differentiation and competitive advantage - contact us today to learn how.

License fees for Adaptive Security Analyzer start at $3,499 (per user) includes basic custom setup and one year of product support and software updates.
To learn more, contact a Privacyware representative via email: [email protected], or telephone: 614-656-1956e


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