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Why partner with Privacyware?

Privatefirewall is the preferred choice for desktop security among leading ISPs,  NSPs, ASPs, ISVs, and OEMs. 

Our focus is to provide ISPs and other software and service providers the programs, tools and knowledge to quickly and easily deploy a powerful desktop firewall offering.

Our program is versatile and ensures seamless implementation of our solutions with your existing services.

Our service delivery team is comprised of engineers and professionals with over a decade of commercial-grade software development experience. 

The Privacyware Reseller Program allows you to quickly and cost effectively resell and distribute Privatefirewall.

Our revenue sharing models are exceptionally generous.

Key Program Facts:

Potential Offerings 
Resellers offer Privatefirewall as:
 a bundled add-on to all broadband and dial-up customers.
part of a premium offering for a higher monthly fee.
a stand-alone item sold on a one-time, monthly or annual subscription basis.


Customers are billed by the Reseller.

Registration, Authorization Validation

A broad continuum of registration and subscriber validation mechanisms are available. Privacyware and Reseller will jointly determine the optimal approach based on the Reseller's business and plans. 


Subscriber/End-user prices are established by Privacyware and/or Privacyware/Reseller jointly based on the type of offering model implemented by Reseller (monthly/annual subscription, bundled offering, etc.)  


Reseller remits sales reports and payment to Privacyware monthly.

Revenue Distribution

Discussed pursuant Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Software Customization

Available for simply branding, but also enhanced or modified features or special registration, authorization and validation requirements.

Software Distribution

Reseller can distribute software online or via CD.

Software Documentation

Selected Privacyware Collateral and Support documentation is available to Reseller.


Tier 1 - Provided to end-user by Reseller
Tier 2 - Provided to Reseller by Privacyware

Increase revenue.

Expand profit margins.

Realize superior customer satisfaction and subscriber loyalty. 

Enhance competitive advantage.

Deliver more value to your customers. 

...by partnering with Privacyware.

For more information, tell us more about your organization by completing an online partner profile form. Or contact us directly at [email protected], or by calling (732) 212-8110 x235.




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